Chat rooms St. Petersburg the cutest smile

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Christina Marsalisi, a seventh-grader with a broad smile, spends 30 hours a week online. She checks MaMaMedia. That makes her a prime target for Web sites chasing the elusive Generation Y, to year-olds growing up with the Internet and with money to spend.

But she isn't taking the bait.

Chat rooms St. Petersburg the cutest smile

Even if Marsalisi and her classmates aren't moved,many dot-coms hope other teens will be, and that advertisers will follow them to the sites. The potential market is big. Our studies show that they are much more likely to return a product than the adults because of their income constraints. Don't assume Generation Y consumers are somehow different when they go online. So far, Web offerings aimed at teens focus on chat rooms, horoscopes, advice and virtual encounters with celebrity.

Still, some wonder whether that's what the kids want. But soon, we found that didn't work," said Jane Mount, executive vice president of Bolt. As "by teens, for teens" becomes the mantra at most teen sites, spelling and grammar no longer matter. Whatever is hip and convenient rules: "ur" is better than you're; boyfriend is shortened to "bf"; "ppl" is people; and why just becomes "y.

And please no heavy international news or indigestible world history. The teens want only things that are relevant, as these postings suggest:. Peers give advice.

Chat rooms St. Petersburg the cutest smile

In response to a year-old who said she had an abortion after being raped and felt guilty, the replies at Bolt strongly favored her decision:. You made the decision that was right for you and you're strong enough to stand by it and talk about it!

Chat rooms St. Petersburg the cutest smile

Congrats on achieving a level of maturity most people never manage. Bolt's membership grew from 1. Other teen sites have some of Bolt's features, but add their own twists: gURL. While teens enjoy these features, many such as Marsalisi aren't taking that extra step: looking at the and buying. The influence is subtle. Teens are 47 percent more likely than the adults to click on the banners.

Despite the advertisers' best efforts, at least some teens remain out of their reach.

Chat rooms St. Petersburg the cutest smile

I go there to look for information, and I just go to the normal, general sites, like Yahoo and Search. Maybe Nowotaiski never visits the teen sites because he's busy running his own video production company. Boredom seems to be the top reason many teens spend time chatting online. AOL's instant messaging is wildly popular throughout middle and high schools. None of the teen sites ranks in the Top 20, although Bolt claimed 7. Advertisers can reach the audience by carefully selecting where they spend their money, Forrester's Walsh says.

Instead, better bets are probably entertainment sites, such as MP3. But teens at Bay Point are a tough sell, and they're leery of buying anything online.

Chat rooms St. Petersburg the cutest smile

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Chat rooms St. Petersburg the cutest smile Chat rooms St. Petersburg the cutest smile

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