Fort leonard wood whores

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Map of St. Robert Missouri area. Rising from the hills of the Ozarks in south central Missouri, Saint Robert, a hamlet of 1, residents, had the appearance of a prototypical small town in rural America. But looks can be deceiving. With the Army's sprawling training center at Fort Leonard Wood nearby, Saint Robert was home to hundreds of prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers, gamblers, corrupt politicians, organized crime and hit men.

Fort leonard wood whores

And it liked it that way. Just 30 years ago, it was the Sodom and Gomorrah of the Midwest, a monument to decadence and the pleasures of the flesh rising from the hills of the Ozarks in south central Missouri. From Interstate 44, Saint Robert, a seemingly peaceful community of 1, appeared to be no different than any other small town in rural America. There were businesses and a church steeple here and there.

Fort leonard wood whores

The sprawling Army training center at Fort Leonard Wood, the economic lifeblood of the region, was a short distance to the south. But behind the veneer of serenity and virtue, beyond view from the highway, was a totally different community where the perverse prevailed. When night fell, so did moral constraints and the sin pits came alive.

It was home to hundreds of hookers, pimps, drug dealers, corrupt public officials, gamblers, organized crime and hit men. It had been an oasis of sin for a long time, but by the early s, the complexion of the iniquity grasping Saint Robert and Pulaski County darkened threateningly. As the citizens began dodging bullets and bombs, they abruptly awoke from their indifference and tolerance. They realized matters had gotten dangerously out of hand, that it wasn't just about prostitution any more. It was about decency and their survival. It was time to bring down the walls of Sodom and Gomorrah.

I asked him what he meant and he said, 'Whore for me'. Kathi was vulnerable on that late August evening in A castaway from a broken family, she had begun smoking marijuana when she was 12, progressing to amphetamines and heroin within two years. Now, at the age of 16, drugs controlled her life.

Fort leonard wood whores

They were what she lived for. No novice junkie, she injected heroin under her tongue so as not to leave telltale track marks on her arms. Her youthful, energetic face had lost its innocence. Now it reflected the harsh, ugly realities of the streets, of life gone sour, of dreams turned into nightmares. This day in August, Kathi, was high as usual. As she did almost every night, she took a walk in the cool evening air in her small, rural northeastern Missouri hometown.

The drug-induced euphoria allowed her to think and she had much to contemplate.

Fort leonard wood whores

She had traveled far in her journey to the world of crime. Just two weeks earlier, she had been released from the Indiana Girls' School in Indianapolis after serving part of an month sentence for carrying a concealed weapon and possession of narcotics.

Fort leonard wood whores

A stranger stopped his car and politely asked her if she needed a lift. He seemed friendly enough. Without hesitating, she got in. It would be a long ride that took her to the depths of depravity, to the very edge of hell and not far from death, itself. It was the last thing she remembered for several hours. When she "came down" from her high, the man said he was taking her to the home of a friend. They went to a trailer in Saint Robert, miles from her home. Her benefactor gave her more drugs and he stayed until the next afternoon. Kathi recalled:.

But normal things became draconian when the owner of the trailer appeared. Kathi didn't pay much attention to the money her new friend gave him before he left. She still was high. Later, the owner asked her, "You know what happened, don't you? She replied that she didn't. Kathi realized she had no options.

No longer was she in control of her life. What she had yet to comprehend was that within hours she would become a sex slave, exiled to one of the many dingy houses of prostitution, one of the faceless, nameless whores from throughout the country who worked in the area. Her first day as a hooker was a dismal failure.

Fort leonard wood whores

When the pimp learned she was unable to make the first payment on her debt, he became enraged, beating her with his fists and a wooden club, then kicking her repeatedly. It was Kathi's first lesson in discipline and subservience. The pimp instructed that thievery was part of her job.

I was supposed to steal the wallet. If I didn't do it, another girl would come in and take it. Kathi was given drugs when she wanted them. She wanted desperately to leave, but couldn't. She was under continual observation day and night. But she wondered if her indebtedness ever would be repaid. Three nights later, one of three bodyguards at the house of prostitution beat up a customer and threatened to shoot him.

When police arrived, Kathi fled, jumping into one of the police cars. She had found safety. When this reporter interviewed her the next day, her face and arms were mottled with bruises and cuts from the beating.

Fort leonard wood whores

She was in the agony of heroin withdrawal. Her body convulsed and her breathing was irregular. Tears welled from her glassy, empty eyes. She was broken in spirit and in body. He wondered if there were other girls out there under the same circumstances.

Kathi said she had befriended a prostitute named Janie who was not much older than she and who also a heavy drug user. She, too, feared for her life and wanted to escape, but was being forced to stay. This reporter went to the club that evening. The rescue plan was simple. Tricks were taken by the prostitutes to nearby trailers. Once outside the club, Janie would be driven to her freedom. Inside the small, dingy smoke-filled room were at least 30 prostitutes. Raucous laughter and music were deafening. The stench of cheap perfume was everywhere.

A once attractive blond woman, heavy make-up failing to mask her age and her life style, immediately offered her services. She made no effort to conceal the track marks on her arm. When asked for Janie, the woman was puzzled momentarily, as if searching for an answer.

Then she quickly replied, "Janie doesn't work here anymore.

Fort leonard wood whores

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