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George H. Scheetz, Republican chairman of the Board, and Andrew O. Wittreich, his Republican colleague had denied such a resolution was passed. Patrick J. Sullivan, Demo-pratio. Wittreich however, said he would. Sullivan saidthe other Democratic member of the board, John I. Corcoran, alfo reported ill at home today, had directer" the police guard after Jhe resolution was tdopted.

Sullivan was asked by James P. Murray, Democratic lawyer on the investigating committee's staff: -"Was any resolution passed authorizing anyone to request anyone for an armed police guard? Twelve persons were reported seriously injured in the attack at ngueras, 15 miles below the French border. Four American ambulance units were in the motorcade, the Span-on reports said, "but it was not H"wn wnether Americans were 3- 6 uic casualties, ine Baooue hospital equipment including an opiating room, a laboratory and two rs for carrying wounded.

You'll d plenty of interesting offers. Dewey, as chief heir to the rackets of the late Dutch Schultz, was arrested in Philadelphia with two companions. Shown at their arraignment, left to right, are Davis, a disbarred attorney; George Weinberg, brother of the missing Schultz henchman, Bo Weinberg, and an actress with face coveredknown as Hope Dare. Philadelphia, Feb. Richard "Dixie" Davis today. Dewey's war on gangsters. New York authorities had offered a reward for the capture of the men. Miss Dare is to appear at a hearing next Wednesday with Davis and Weinberg.

Martha Delancey Davis, who hasn't seen her husband since he was indicted last July, at first was bitter. They always get the men," she said in New York. But despite illness and the fact she faces eviction from her New York apartment, she relented: "If I can help him, if he needs me, I'll go to Philly in a minute, and if I lay hands on that woman I'll tear her hair out. Earle tomorrow. Davis is also under federal indictment as a fugitive as a material witness from the income tax trial of Johnny Torrio, former Al Capone associate.

Federal authorities have offered District Attorney Dewey their assistance if the men fight extradition. Miller, salesman for the paint company. Immediately after the pleas were entered Judge Franklin Taylor sentenced the trio to indeterminate penitentiary terms.

Wright, exhausted from two days of merciless prosecution grilling on how and why he killed Mrs. Wright and John Kimmel, d in redirect examination today his story that he discovered his wife cheating. The airport executive's counsel! Jerry Giesler, led him back over much of the testimony he gave during the exhaustive, insistent cross- examination of Prpsecutor S. Roll, who pounded away at Wright's story until the frail, dyspeptic defendant collapsed and had to be assisted from the courtroom.

At one point in the relentless questioning, Roll drew the admission from Wright that he did not recall whether he disarranged the clothing of his wife and Kimmel after he shot them. Wright also admitted he did not know whether he picked up any pistol shells. Wright's defense is that he shot, in a white flame of anger that seared his brain, because he found Mrs.

Wright and Kimmel in an unnatural embrace on the piano bench of the Wright living room in Glen- dale, November 9. Roll asked Wright if he saw them kiss. Wright answered that his wife's back was turned to him. Roll produced a copy of a statement Wright made to Glendale police, saying: "They looked up and smiled and kissed again.

All I could think of was to destroy that vision. Wright said he did not remember being asked many of the questions. He said he did remember being fingerprinted. Wright told Roll he did not recall saying anything to Mrs. Wright and Kimmel when he found them em bracing, but Roll. He was identified as Edward Giblin. His father, John J. Little hope was held for his recovery. A guardsman rode the buoy to a rock 75 feet from short, tied the haif-frozen man into it and feiiow j guardsmen hauled im ashore.

During the temporary tumult, A. Shafer, Philadelphia, was tossed out of the conference for the second time. Shafer was ejected from yesterday's meeting by Commerce Department guards. Today a group of businessmen themselves did the job.

Departmental officers said they had told Shafer that he ought to be quiet. His trousers were almost torn off. When the men reassembled this morning many had talked in hotel rooms far into the night there still remained considerable doubt as to the exact program. Others said less government interference, not loans, was the crying need.

Still others discussed fixing responsibility of labor unions, ending unfair trade practices, lightening taxes, and stimulating building as ways to help little businesses get on the up grade again. One development which threatened to upset the schedule was an attempt by a group headed by A. Corns tock, Boston consulting engineer, to reorganize the entire conference procedure and delay adjournment until tomorrow.

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Comstock proposed that the men be divided into groups according to Federal Reserve districts. Those from each district would work out their own recovery recommendations and submit them to a general committee. Under this proposal the final recommendations would not be ready for the President until tomorrow afternoon.

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Gaunt of Lawrence, Mass. Resolutions adopted by the nine groups working independently yesterday showed no unanimity of opinion and presaged a floor fight today.

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That meant more oratory. The lack of agreement was reflected especially at a tenth group meeting, to which no specific subject of discussion had been ased. Joseph's Hospital half a mile away The man's legs apparently were frozen from the hips down, because his rescuer was unable to bend them to get him into the buoy.

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Rescue came shortly after dawn after. Under the terms of an agreement reached after the formal hearing was suspended yesterday, the subsidiary of the Erie will restore 4 trains it had planned to remove in a sweeping schedule revision. On motion by the State Board's assistant. Frustieri pleaded guilty a month ago to charges of slashing a Lodi poiceman, Anthony Bua, last August 6 during a dispute over relief pay ments. This is a very serious case," Judge Leyden said.

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I am taking into consideration the fact that you have been In Jail for six months. I want you to get away from Lodi. It is obvious you can't go back there. You must learn to control yourself. Administrator William H. Ely and had not received any replies. He said he was so poor that he and his family had to sleep on the floor. Assistant Prosecutor Nicholas A.

Carella made no recommendation in the case. Thr charges against William Dahl, 29, of Passaic Street, Rochelle Park were malicious mis chief and atrocious assault and battery. The second charge was made against him, police said, be cause the brick struck the driver after smashing the windshield. Dahl was arrested yesterday aft ernoon by Detective Anthony D'Elia of the Hackensack police after George Bak of Midland Avenue, Garfield, driver of the bus, had identified him as the man who hurled the brick.

Elisabeth Connor Buchanan aboveyear-old widow of an Army officer, said she was with Russell Hardy, 44, Justice department attorney, when the latter was wounded in Alexandria, Va. Hardy ly refused to identify his companion, an office worker in his department. Poll were told a panhandler shot Hardy after being refused alms.

Johnston declined to discuss the invitation. Commander Johnston has openly criticized the organization as un- American and is expected to take steps tonight at the Legion meeting in Firehouse 2 on Trenton Street to curb future activities of the Bergen County division of the Bund.

In answer to Commander John ston's declaration that he will resort to physical violence if necessary to prevent the meeting, Klapprott said: 'If you still, however, want to try any throwing out by the neck, just come ahead. If you still, however, want to try any throwing out by the neck, Just come ahead. Rescued from the water after the bomber ll-P-4 fell in a splintering Impact last night, J. Hester, radioman first class of. Three of his companions were seriously injured but wer expected to recover.

The bodies of three more of the ll-P-4's crew and the seven men in its sister bomber, the ll-P-3, were hunted by the United States fleet. Navy sources here said unofficially there was no hope the men had survived. The bombers, scouting for a theoretical enemy oft th Southern California coast, collided during a sudden rain squall, within view of maneuvering surface ships.

Fuck buddy Merschutz

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