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The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary. Interim relief is when the court grants some short-term help until a decision is made. This relief is given because quite some time can pass between when a law suit is filed and when the case is actually heard and decided. The help can be in the form of an asset like money to pay a bill or it can be an order that someone cannot proceed with something until the case is heard.

The French sculptor Jean Goujon ca. His work in low relief is comparable to some of the finest examples of ancient architectural sculpture. All rights reserved. Home Sentence Relief Relief sentence example relief. Relief brought a smile to her lips. It was a relief to stretch out in a restaurant booth. Relief brought tears to her eyes. She sighed in relief and rested her head on Damian's shoulder.

Relief and fear unleashed within her, and she was hauled once again to her feet. That's a reliefbecause I don't have any. What she saw amazed her, and her eyes watered, this time out of relief and happiness. The only relief he found came from composing. Brady stared at the door to his bedroom, torn between relief and regret. It would be a relief to turn all that stress over to him. Relief made the tears she'd been holding begin to fall. It was dawn, and she breathed a sigh of relief at being safe.

Need some releaf

Relief crossed her features. Relief flooded her as she saw the police tape around the area where she'd found the body. You do not know the relief of brushing away a fly that has bitten you, nor the delight of eating delicious food, nor the satisfaction of drawing a long breath of fresh, pure air. Nervously, I dialed her cell and felt a flood of relief when she picked up. It should have been a reliefand it would have been if she had considered it progress.

Jackson felt more relief than anything. In a way that was a reliefand yet it was a sad thought. To her reliefnothing appeared too off with his messages, except the encryption. She couldn't see what he was doing, but she saw with relief he was alive. Alex let out a breath of relief.

Need some releaf

I rocked back in my chair, feeling a strange relief but unable to fathom the source. Relief washed over him, and he instantly relaxed, hopeful. Rainy nodded, a look of relief crossing his features, and Damian saw his mind was on his Natural ward, Traci.

But the idea he did want her was almost a reliefanother he was capable of providing at least some form of affection.

Need some releaf

Prince Andrew sighed with reliefsmiled, and held out his hand. She was embarrassed by her relief that he hadn't truly left her, only revealed who he was. She almost cried in relief.

Need some releaf

She let out a sigh of relief when Dean identified himself. I'm just tickled pink to be the relief pitcher. We know that the earth's surface if unveiled of water would exhibit a great region of elevation relief. The state has two small areas in which bituminous coal occurs; one in the basin of the Dan and one in the basin of the Deep.

Very little coal was produced in the state until the Civil War, when, in and again in30, short tons were obtained for the relief of the Confederate government, an amount which up towhen the yield was only short tons falling off from short tons inhad not since been equalled; inin and in no coal was mined in the state. Indeed, the original interior border of the plain has been well stripped from its inland overlap; the higher-standing inner part of the plain is now maturely dissected, with a relief of to ft.

Jim hastened his lagging steps at this assurance of a quick relief from the dark passage. Try to weep, nothing gives such relief as tears. He knew what a shock he would inflict on his father and mother by the news of this loss, he knew what a relief it would be to escape it all, and felt that Dolokhov knew that he could save him from all this shame and sorrow, but wanted now to play with him as a cat does with a mouse.

Having once more entered into the definite conditions of this regimental life, Rostov felt the joy and relief a tired man feels on lying down to rest. With ever-growing horror, and no sense of joy or reliefhe gazed at what was taking place. I was pleased with the overall response and I think we collectively felt a modicum of relief. No one was in the wine cellar, and she sighed with relief. Sofia almost cried in relief. Dean sensed her relief. Lydia Larkin let loose a sigh of relief.

She almost cried out in relief. She breathed a sigh of relief. The baby angel gave a small smile that filled her with relief. The sound of her sister. Edith shook her head no, much to Dean's relief. He could feel her sense of relief. She wiped it away and breathed a sigh of relief. It was done now, and for that much she felt a sense of relief. Katie stopped at the door and smiled her relief. Lana almost sighed in relief.

His head dropped back against the ground in relief. He moved away, and she released her breath, resting her head against the cabinet in relief. Brady almost sighed in relief. She sighed with relief. She let out a sigh of relief. The lights came on and he breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe it was relief from the stress of worrying about that moment — or hormones.

Simply purchasing needs without the stress of budgeting was a relief. The breath escaped her lungs in a quick sigh of relief. A brilliant flash of lightning made the furniture in their bedroom stand out in relief. More relief trickled through her than she liked.

Relief poured through her. Jonathan's blue eyes sparkled as he smiled with relief. In the two years since, he seemed to be getting closer to a normal relationship with his father, so when he called to say he was staying an extra day, it was a relief. It was a relief to hear people commenting on how nice the room looked. Aaron smiled his relief and Rob laughed. Felipa arrived on Friday, which was a relief for Carmen because she was beginning to realize three weeks was a long time to entertain guests.

Of course, the horses didn't need the rest as much as Gerald needed the relief from riding. She leaned the pitchfork against the wall and breathed a sigh of relief. He let out a long breath of relief. Carmen sank to her chair feeling lightheaded with relief.

She stared at his retreating back, relief mingling with a new ache. Inexplicable relief overshadowed the usual annoyance at that idea. His breath came out in a long sigh of relief. She let out her breath in a sigh of relief. Relief crossed her features as the iPad started right up. She breathed a sigh of relief as she reached the door, ready for a distraction after the intense interaction with Xander. She almost sighed in relief. She looked uncertain rather than scared, and Jessi's eyes took in her cousin's features with relief.

A large public park, opened inwas laid out as a relief work for unemployed operatives during the cotton famine of the earlier part of the decade. The issue of this plot was the well-known fight of "Clear-the-Causeway," in which Gavin Douglas's part stands out in picturesque relief.

Need some releaf

The sacred tablet on the back wall of the sanctuary is carved in low relief in limestone, and consists of two figures, apparently a priest and his assistant making offerings. The The siege dykes were cut, the land flooded, but again and again and relief a relieving force was baulked in its attempts to reach of Leiden. In he opposed the Indulgence, supported the Test Act, and spoke against the proposal for giving relief to the dissenters. Commodus, who was with his father when he died, erected to his memory the Antonine column now in the Piazza Colonna at Romeround the shaft of which are sculptures in relief commemorating the miracle of the Thundering Legion and the various victories of Aurelius over the Quadi and the Marcomanni.

It was exceedingly burdensome, and its abolition by Edward the Confessor in was welcomed as a great relief. The Lombardy poplar is valuable chiefly as an ornamental tree, its timber being of very inferior quality; its tall, erect growth renders it useful to the landscape-gardener as a relief to the rounded forms of other trees, or in contrast to the horizontal lines of the lake or river-bank where it delights to grow.

The fundamental basis of geography is the vertical relief of the earth's crust, which controls all mobile distributions. The distribution of the mass of the atmosphere over the surface of the earth is also controlled by the relief of the crust, its greater or lesser density at the surface corresponding to the lesser or greater elevation of the surface. The fundamental conception of geography is form, including the figure of the earth and the varieties of crustal relief. The method included a recognition of the causes and effects of phenomena as well as the mere fact of their occurrence, and for the first time the importance of the vertical relief of the land was fairly recognized.

Particular importance is given to the vertical relief of the land, on which the various branches of human geography are shown to depend. Impressed by the influence of terrestrial relief and climate on human movements. Geomorphology is the part of geography which deals with terrestrial reliefincluding the submarine as well as the subaerial portions of the crust.

But the relief of the crust is not a finished piece of sculpture; the forms are for the most part transitional, owing - their characteristic outlines to the process by which they aieomorph 'o ogy. Thus the best approximation to the average depth of the ocean is little more than an expert guess; yet a fair approximation is probable for the features of sub-oceanic relief are so much more uniform than those of the land that a smaller of fixed points is required to determine them. The chief element of uncertainty as to the largest features of the relief of the earth's crust is due to the unexplored area in the Arctic region and the larger regions of the Antarctic, of which Crustal we know nothing.

By the device of a hypsographic curve co-ordinating the vertical relief and the areas of the earth's surface occupied by each zone of elevation, according to the system introduced by Supan, 2 Wagner showed his graphically. Elie de Beaumont, in his speculations on the relation between the direction of mountain ranges and their geological age and character, was feeling towards a comprehensive theory of the forms of crustal relief ; but his ideas were too geometrical, and his theory that the earth is a spheroid built up on a rhombic dodecahedron, the pentagonal faces of which determined the direction of mountain ranges, could not be proved.

The actual position of sea-level lies so near the summit of the crust-heap that the varied relief of the upper portion le to the formation of a complicated coast- The con- line and a great of detached portions of land.

Need some releaf

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